Who’s Stressed??

It’s over (sigh).  Christmas is over. It seems that everyone I talk too is glad Christmas is over, yet they tell about what a wonderful holiday it was and how they enjoyed it. So why are we glad Christmas is over? Perhaps because we make it so much about ourselves. In most homes the Christmas decorations are packed and put away before the Epiphany Jan. 6th). I believe that Christmas Day and the Epiphany are so closely knit that I can’t have one without the other. But that’s me. The Christmas we are comfortable with is the one that stress us out. It stresses the pocket book, the calendar, the mind, and the body.  I guess we are ok with it because it’s self-inflicted. However, Christmas is not about us. For many of us it is the birthday of the Son of God. When you talk about stress at this time of the year we should think of Mary and Joseph. Now that was stress. It’s time for Mary’s baby to be born. They are away from home and family.  She has no bed, no doctor and no place to stay. Even the Magi were stressed. Old Herod instructed them to let him know where this King of Kings was so he could make a trip to visit him, but we know his real intentions.  We can eliminate the Christmas stress when we focus on the true meaning of Christmas.   Yes, Christmas is all about us.

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