What Others Have Said…

“It was a pleasure to listen to Ms. Sandoval’s presentation at Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) session. She paints a vivid picture with words, gestures and enthusiasm. Her message inspires hope.”

Vanessa A. Luna
Manager of Victim Services
El Paso, TX

“Suzi Sandoval is one of my favorite speakers. She captivates audiences with her life stories of persevering through odds that would easily overwhelm someone else. Her Spirit, inner beauty, and deep compassion for others are easily communicated. Suzi is one speaker you don’t want to miss.”

Lezlie Davis
Founder & President
Sweet Communication

“The silence during Suzi’s speech spoke volumes. I’m honored to have heard it and to have a chance to critique it. [She] knocked it out of the park.”

Patsy Rae Dawson
Speaker & Author of the series: “Marriage: A Taste of Heaven”