Surviving The “Password” Jungle.

Seriously thinking of turning my username and password list into a poem. These are two of the most inconvenient steps in my internet life. It’s so bad I go through a litany of pet names and kid’s nicknames trying to remember what name goes with which website.


But now the U.S. Commerce Dept. is looking at some options that experts say will eliminate the password tangle. The idea is to use a single sign-in by using a device like a digital token, a smartcard or a fingerprint reader. Once you log in, you have access to any website that has signed up for the program. In essence, you are your password.

There is so much that could be done if the public could trust transactions more. For example, a trusted online ID might encourage doctors to prescribe drugs electronically.

I’m for a universal standard and saying, “Bye-bye” to all my passwords.

If you feel you’re in a password jungle, stop in and let me know your thoughts.

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