Litany of monkier arouses Suspicion

Times have changed.

In this world of uncertainty and chaos skepticism is rampant. Someone is watching us. I found out when I tried picking up my prescription. The pharmacy staff couldn’t find my script. They discovered i had four different profiles and a new employee created a fifth one. All this commotion is the result of others spelling my name incorrect. In the past I tried to fix this error but the attempt was futile. People continue to willy-nilly my name. Having a litany of names attached to me arouses suspicion. I don’t need to get into details as to the, “why” of it. I’m sure we can all agree it’s not a wise choice to have a list of monikers attached to you.

I’m on a name quest. It’s an adventure I didn’t anticipate–all my life I’ve been known as, “Suzana<” aka “Suzi.” My parents and siblings called me Suse (emphasis on the “e”) and Suzana forewarned me of the impending chancla if I didn’t change my attitude quick. It’s in the Spanish pronunciation of Suzana that most non-Spanish speakers get lost (even now spell check wants me to spell it Suzanna).

I don’t have my birth certificate and “No” i have never been out of the country. I can’t remember having to use it for any reason. Back in the day we didn’t have to prove ourselves like we do now. Recently I came upon my baptismal certificate.
I’m flabbergasted! Since it’s highly confidential, for obvious reasons, I won’t tell you the names, yes names on it. One thing I can say for sure; I’m not related to some rich and famous somebody. I’m a native of New Mexico but now I’m not sure where I was born–somewhere in the great Land of Enchantment. I’m thinking I’m an entity from the flying saucer that crash-landed in the Roswell desert in 1947.

It’s research time. The Department of Vital Records in Santa Fe is somewhat helpful. It’s the names on the baptismal certificate complicating my efforts.

As I wait for the search and rescue of my identity I will answer to Suzana aka Suzi

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