Death Sculpts me

In 2002, I received a liver transplant. I was in the end stage of liver disease. My doctor put me on a “waiting” list. It’s so sad, I thought. What the waiting list means is that I’m waiting for someone to die so that I can live. Someone, unwilling would make a great sacrifice for me. When someone makes such a huge sacrifice we can’t be so casual about life and yet we are.
The casualness of sacrifice came into my mind this morning as I spent time with the author of my life. It’s through his death, I gain eternal life. My sinful nature put him on the waiting list. When life weighs me down when I feel enough is enough! When I ask why? Why? I have to admit to his ultimate sacrifice. It’s the sacrifice that consumes negativity, pessimism, and hopelessness. My addictions, my bad behavior, the casualness of life are on the waiting list. Death sculpts me. #sculpt#liver#life#endstage#sacrifice#addictions#list

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