A Bit About Me…

Welcome to my world.

Las Vegas is my birthplace. No, not the wild city, I’m talking about Las Vegas, New Mexico. My maternal grandparents raised me on their 800 acre farm about an hour east of Las Vegas. Unceremonious in their way of life my grandparents lived in a five room adobe home complete with an outhouse.

I had an incredible childhood. Children’s adventures today consist of high-tech games and Harry Potter movies. I believe the wholesomeness of life has been compromised by technology. True-life experiences are my adventures. Agile and quick, one day, I scaled a cliff and took a baby crow from his mama’s nest. I named him Cuervo and like a puppy he followed me everywhere. Skinny-dipping was an all time favorite. Work seemed like play to me. I learned the art of adobe making; the only time I had a legitimate reason for playing in the mud.

Life goes on. As I grew into my preteen years I trade the rustic life for the progressive hubbub of the city. Then at the age of sixteen a drunk driver set off a chain of events that changed my life forever. I went from a bouncy teenager to a crippled sixteen year old. In 1998 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. The lifesaving blood I received as a teenager had been contaminated with the virus. I embraced my chronic illness and came out victorious. The education I have received through my adversity is not one to be found in the pages of self-help books. Through my motivational and inspirational presentations I encourage others to embrace their debilitating situations because the healing process starts with acceptance.
I’m a community volunteer. I enjoy helping people and especially children. Usually I have a myriad of projects going on both out in the community and in my personal life.


Eclectic—I’m diverse in almost everything.

Bookish—devoted to reading.

Loner—Potential to be a hermit. I’m not anti-social, I don’t like all the drama and can do without it.

Lover—of God and his creation.


41LlVCx5ynLWriter—featured in the anthology, More Than A Coincidence compiled by Joyce Kocinski. My creative non-fiction book, Through The Fire, will debut in the Spring of 2016.

Artist—I like to journey into the world of watercolors.

Poet—Haiku, free verse, slam.

My greatest accomplishment:  Favor from God to enjoy three generations of children. I’m a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.