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ANYONE can survive but it takes gumption to thrive. 

Have you felt the gut-wrenching turmoil when you wake up from the fog of anesthesia to discover you’re physically disabled? At sixteen, a drunk-driver, in an instant changed my life forever…

“How do you shake off the shroud of darkness that engulfs you when the doctor reports you have less than five months to live? The hepatitis C virus, for thirty years, ate away at my liver. Only a transplant could save me but the waiting list was long and I didn’t have that kind of time, then God showed up…

Do you know the loneliness that accompanies the anguish of being bullied?  Let down by the adult community I took matters into my own hands…

Do you feel cheated or that life is unfair…

I understand your pain, your despair, and your suffering.

These are my stories. They are tales of human tragedy, but also of courage and the resiliency of the human spirit to overcome calamity. Just as a cactus blooms in unfavorable conditions, it’s in our struggles that we find life-transforming power to heal, to rise, and to thrive.

Life deals us a rotten hand sometimes but we don’t have to make it an excuse. There is always room for hope. My hero, my grandmother used to say, “Let it happen, but make it count.” When we embrace our suffering, as painful as it maybe, we find the courage to walk through the fire.   Grace and perseverance are forged in the midst of suffering.

In an oyster, under extreme pressure, a beautiful pearl forms. If you have the gumption to thrive your soul will give birth to a pearl of joy. Discover your capacity to heal, to rise and to thrive.

Adversity is a blessing turned inside out. I hope my stories reveal lessons that guide you through your misfortune or tragedy.

Suzana  is a writer and an award-winning speaker. Her calendar for the New Year is filling up fast. Her testimonies reveal lessons that may help guide you through turbulent times. Above are some of her speaking topics.

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